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  • HONDA EG/DC/EK with EKK2 mounts K-Series Pro-Level Axle/Hub/28 spline Intermediate Bar Kit


    The Pro-Level Honda/Acura systems are made to withstand the demands of the highest horsepower drag cars and can currently be found in the fastest FWD Honda’s to date. Our Honda/Acura Pro-Level kit is a full drivetrain system that includes both axles, featuring our Porsche-style 108mm inner CV joints and bolt-on axle flanges, our signature 33 spline outer CV’s and the larger hubs to accommodate them. The most significant part of the Pro-Level System is that we are replacing the standard 27 spline differential spline with our 40% larger 28 spline transmission spline plug and intermediate bar, for use with the DSS 28 spline Pro Limited-Slip Differential (DSS Pro-LSD sold separately). This system includes all the hardware necessary for the install and comes with our full 1-year warranty. And if you already have a set of our Level 5.9 axles, they can now be upgraded to Pro-Level axles for much less than purchasing a new set. When you’re ready to go for records and challenge the biggest names in FWD drag racing, the DriveShaft Shop Pro-Level drivetrain is the only way to go.
    This is drag race-only application made to withstand over 1000WHP.

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  • HONDA Civic EG/EK B-Series 850HP Level 5.9 Axle/Hub Kit


    Civic EG/EK with a B-Series motor and Hydraulic transmission Level 5.9 Axle/Hub Kit. The new level 5.9 axle/hub set, similar to our Level 5 system but with some major upgrades, the inner cv and now featuring our new tapered high quality aircraft grade axle bars. We now have created a Pro race worthy system that works with the standard spline size on the differential end, that can be used with Quaife, Wavetrac and other aftermarket limited slip diffs and spools. What we have done is made a new ball & cage inner cv from high quality chromoly. This inner cv now has 6 contact points and is stronger than a Porsche 930 (108mm) cv (same cv used by many high dollar systems). This along with the 33 spline outer and new 36 spline tapered bars makes it the strongest set of axles to date. The Kit comes with both axles and a set of custom hubs that will fit the stock bearing sizes and extended ARP studs. This system is designed for 850WHP and tire size will not affect its strength.
    Also, don’t forget to check out our intermediate bars and spools also listed on the site. If you need this system custom made please don’t hesitate to call/e-mail, we have an entire wall of axle bars in many different sizes and we would be able to make a custom set in a very short time. DSS is dedicated to bringing you the best drivetrain products at a an affordable price. When you’re serious look our way.

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  • ClutchMasters -Twin Disc/Triple Disk 725 Series – B Series


    Clutch Masters is proud to introduce the finest and most economical multi-plate clutch systems available for today’s high performance vehicles, the 725 and 850 Series. Clutch Masters Twin Disc systems are pure racing technology that also works well in high performance street applications. They are designed to hold tremendous horsepower and torque ratings, while retaining a very smooth operation.

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  • HONDA Civic EG/EK with EKK2 mounts (non-ABS hub) K-Series 600HP Level 3.9 Axle/Hub Kit


    Civic EG/EK (with EKK2 mounts) non-ABS hub K-Series 600HP Level 3.9 Axle/Hub kit. This axle/hub system is designed for the real fast street or drag cars with up to 600HP. This was our older (pre-2004) Level 5 system and we have brought it out of retirement due to the fact that a 600HP street car is now a normal thing. This has been one of the best systems for a Honda platform to date and is still a staple in most tuner shops around the world. The kit comes with both axles made from high grade aircraft quality material with billet inner CV housings and the outer CV is 20% larger than a factory one and is made from a proprietary material that is brutally strong. The kit comes with a custom hub that is an exact replica of the factory one it just has the larger spline inside and includes extended ARP racing studs (standard length studs available upon request). Rated to 600HP with a full 1-year warranty.

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  • DriveShaft Shop – HONDA CIVIC B-Series DOHC Motor 475HP Level 2.9 Direct Bolt-In Axles $799.99


    HONDA CIVIC B-Series DOHC Motor 475HP Level 2.9 Direct Bolt-In Axles
    w/ Cable Clutch and Y1 trans (Both Axles are male, left is shorter)
    *The Y1 Transmission will have an intermediate bar hanger bracket with SH3 on the casting.In Driveshaft Shop’s ongoing quest for the perfect axle, Driveshaft Shop hit the mark with the new 2.9 Axle. These axles have been designed with the fast street car and all motor drag car in mind. Designed to handle 475WHP, these axles are made for any swap configuration and have one of the wildest heat treats known to man. This axle is a direct bolt-on and will take whatever power you want to push into them. *Power Range* 475HP

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  • ClutchMasters – High Performance Hydraulic Bearing Shim Kit


    Clutch Masters High Performance Hydraulic Bearing *Advantages when using a Hydraulic bearing:* * Less moving parts such as the clutch fork and release bearing, as well as a wearing pivot ball. * Softer peddle feel * Consistent pressure for easier and smoother engagement. * Reduced shock to the drivetrain

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